Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Think Rambo

Wed. April 24, 2013 (The day he went in to the MTC)

Dear Family:

You guys are so awesome.

Today was crazy. I've never felt happier or more fulfilled than I did today and I've never felt so small and humbled.

The spirit is thick here. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of choking up. I love singing hymns with all the missionaries.

My MTC teachers are SO cool! It's weird though cause they got assigned to a new area and won't be my district's teachers after Saturday of this week.

My district is way cool! There are 4 of us guys and 4 sisters. My companion's name is Elder Tambo (Think Rambo and it's easy to remember ;)). He's soft spoken, half Filipino, played guitar in his high school's jazz band, is from Reno, Nevada, and is way cool.

So I mentioned I felt very small today... Me, my companion, and about 50 other Elders and Sisters had the opportunity to talk to 3 investigators in a role play scenario. (Either they were recent converts, investigators, or are becoming active again.) There was one lady named Luwana. After some general questions she didn't really answer (she said she was just chill, and pretty laid back and liked to hang out with her friends) I wanted to know if she was happy with her life and what she felt her purpose in life was. I started off by commenting on how she was kinda coasting through life and if she was happy with life. She got very offended that I had said "coasting through life." She then told me she has cancer and her best friend was recently shot and killed. She isn't "coasting through life," she's "scraping through life." I've never felt so bad. After the thing was over I went up to her and shared what I had learned from her:
     1. Don't assume
     2. Testify of Christ's love (another girl did that and it touched Luwana)
     3. I have a lot to learn.

I'm so happy and excited to be here! I'm still the most excited missionary ever.

My P-day is Wednesday next week so I hope this gets to you before then!

I love you all,
Love, Elder Taylor Janis

Friday, April 26, 2013

MTC, I'm Here!

APRIL 24, 2013

Wednesday, the BIG day he has been waiting anxiously for, finally came!!! After a lunch with brother D,  and cousin D, they dropped him off at the curb and said the final goodbye.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


April 22, 2013

Monday was the day to say goodbye to Texas. He was heading to Utah!
 All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

I'm standin' here outside the door.
The truck is waiting, it's not blowing it's horn.
I'm leavin' on a jet plane.
I know when I'll be back again.
Oh Dad, I love to say goodbye!
So hug me, and smile for me.
Tell me that you'll wait for me.
Hold me like you'll never let me go.

Off he goes!

Oops! I forgot my wallet!
I'll get it for you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Set Apart as a Full-Time Missionary

April 21, 2013

Taylor gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about ministering to people. Some family came to support him: Grandma and Grandpa Janis, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shelby's family, Uncle Brandon and Aunt Mindy's family, Uncle Daron and  Aunt Heather's family, and cousin Kylee and Ryan's family. All the other family that weren't there wished they were, and we missed them, but felt their love and support!!! After dinner, at 7:00 we went to the church and President Allen set him apart as a full-time missionary. Then we took lots of pictures. Taylor invited his friend, Spencer to come and participate in the setting apart. (Grandpa Janis and Uncle Daron's family left before we went to the church, so that's why they aren't in the photos.)

 Waiting to go in.
 The whole group.

 Elder Janis and Dad
 All the men.
 Those that were in the circle.
Elder and Mom
 Elder and President Allen.
Elder Janis and Spencer
Elder Janis and Jared.
Elder Janis and Daenon.
Elder Janis and Emily.
Elder Janis and Tommy.

Elder Janis and Grandma Janis.

President Allen and his wife

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Houston Temple

 April 20th

Taylor went to the Houston Temple and we had a wonderful experience! Grandma Janis came and Uncle Daron and Aunt Heather. When we came out, it was still light enough to take pictures and we had fun clicking away!