Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Set Apart as a Full-Time Missionary

April 21, 2013

Taylor gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about ministering to people. Some family came to support him: Grandma and Grandpa Janis, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shelby's family, Uncle Brandon and Aunt Mindy's family, Uncle Daron and  Aunt Heather's family, and cousin Kylee and Ryan's family. All the other family that weren't there wished they were, and we missed them, but felt their love and support!!! After dinner, at 7:00 we went to the church and President Allen set him apart as a full-time missionary. Then we took lots of pictures. Taylor invited his friend, Spencer to come and participate in the setting apart. (Grandpa Janis and Uncle Daron's family left before we went to the church, so that's why they aren't in the photos.)

 Waiting to go in.
 The whole group.

 Elder Janis and Dad
 All the men.
 Those that were in the circle.
Elder and Mom
 Elder and President Allen.
Elder Janis and Spencer
Elder Janis and Jared.
Elder Janis and Daenon.
Elder Janis and Emily.
Elder Janis and Tommy.

Elder Janis and Grandma Janis.

President Allen and his wife

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