Saturday, November 16, 2013

We Learned to do the Polynesian Hakka Dance

We are very busy! We taught the most lessons this past week than any other week we've been in the area!! B is such an amazing man, he has taught me so much in his broken English. He has so much faith and is willing to forfeit a very good career to join the church. If he get's baptized he will never receive a promotion and will not earn very much money for his career. The reason is because religion is looked down on and anyone who is religious is discriminated against. He signed a contract with a company that forces him to work for them until he's 60 (he's 24 now) and if he's baptized he will jeopardize his career. It's a sacrifice he's willing to make.

The greatest experience this week was teaching B with the help of our mission president's son and his Chinese wife. He served his mission in Hong Kong and after his mission he moved back for work and found his future wife. Her conversion story is incredible due to the fact that outsiders are not allowed to preach or teach religion so all he could tell her was to keep studying when she came across a concern. She was able to bear a powerful testimony to B in Chinese and after the lesson B kept talking about how amazing it was to hear someone bear a testimony in Chinese. He was very inspired and touched by the spirit.

This last weekend our zone threw a party for the youth in our stake. We held the party at the Catmulls barn (my old house) and had a bunch of stuff set up on the property's field. While people were arriving we had volleyball and soccer set up with a snack table. Later we busted out 70 boxes of pizza (we had a budget approved from the stake for $400) and learned how to do the Polynesian Hakka dance by 3 Polynesian missionaries in our zone. As it got dark we set up a projector and watched Forever Strong. About 250 youth came to the event and a lot of them had brought their friends! It made me miss being a youth but I guess when I get home I'll still be a YSA and can still do cool stuff :) Plus I'll always be a kid at heart!

There's my report for the week!! My final comment is this: If you're sad or down for any reason, have a missionary experience! It will make you happy, I promise :)

Love Elder Janis

I forgot to tell you about B and T!!!

We met some black people! The man that lives in the house, his name is B, not to be confused with Chinese B. The lady that lives there is named T. We first spoke to T, and she had previous ran into missionaries in California that helped her with her family history work. We have also learned that T was a volleyball player at the University of Arizona. 
            B seems to be a drug addict and an alcoholic. He is 56. The second time I spoke to him, he was sober, and a lot more normal. B has the thickest Ebonics I have ever heard in my entire sheltered life. This is a direct quote, "ain't nobody do me like Jesus do me." He has a lot of faith in God and the Bible. We got on the subject of kids, and I said I was excited to have kids. He then went on to teach me the law of chastity, in his unique way. I won't go into detail, but George of the Jungle was mentioned in his words of wisdom. 
            T's kids love us, and they want us to come over everyday, because we threw the football with them. By the way, T's brother is Lance Briggs. Lance Briggs is a starting linebacker in the NFL, one of the best, if I remember correctly. 

Anyways, have a great week!!!

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