Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

I've had an absolutely awesome week!!! We were surprised with 3 missionaries moving into our house on Wednesday which has been a lot of fun. I'll send a pic soon. All 3 of them are pretty big dudes. Elder Goates and I got a car this week and whenever we drive around with the 3 big boys in back we have to be careful when we go over any bumps or dips in the road because we scrape the cement!

A few nights ago me and Elder Goates were biking around and we came across a Chinese lady walking a dog. We had a great conversation with her on the side walk and then told her that we're teaching two guys from China and wanted her to meet them. The next day in church we told our investigator B who's from China about her and asked if he'd be comfortable talking to her on the phone in Chinese and invite her to church! He said he'd do it so I gave him my name tag so he could wear it while he did missionary work and called the lady. She answered so I put her on the phone with B. They had a great conversation and she agreed to come to church! I'll post a picture on Facebook.

A little more background on the three missionaries who moved in with us. One of them is a former zone leader who is now a district leader training the two new missionaries. The other night while we were getting ready for bed the two new missionaries were arguing about something super petty. Honestly they fight about the dumbest stuff and it's hilarious. As they were bickering I started a chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!..." One of the Elders cracks me up every time he starts talking. The way he combines words and the way he says them makes me laugh. As I was chanting for them to fight, mid argument he quickly looked at me and held up a finger and said, "not yet." They ended up resolving the conflict.

I have been thinking deeply this week about who we really are. I believe that the more you learn and understand about who you are, the happier and more at peace you will be. You will have more confidence in yourself and be more successful. Ponder the question this week: Who am I?

Love Elder Janis

Photo: Me and the other elders enjoying a crammed ride to the library

Photo: Bruce the missionary! Action shot with my name tag on inviting the Chinese lady we met last night to come to church!

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