Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Guy Was Happy!

This was an amazing week!

We took a priest out with us to visit our one-legged investigator this week. We went over to help him take his christmas lights down, which he was super grateful for. We also brought a gift for the new year. Elder Goates and I cleverly used old Christmas package wrapping to wrap up the Book of Mormon on CD. J has been super grouchy lately and not very receptive and so we assumed that if he even accepted the gift, he wouldn't use it. When he opened it up, his face lit up with more excitement than most kids demonstrate on Halloween!! This guy was happy! He exclaimed, "Wow! The Book of Mormon on CD! Oh boy! This is just what I wanted! You guys just made my year!" He expressed so much enthusiasm it really came across as sarcastic, but he really was that excited! What a character!

Right after, we went to go contact a less active lady in one of our wards. When we pulled up we saw her neighbors in their garage so we went and talked with them for awhile. The dad said if there was ever a zombie Apocalypse or major world calamity he would join ranks with the mormons. Right now he won't just because he doesn't think he could afford paying tithing. I told him that was ridiculous and he was just making excuses. He agreed. As we were leaving we asked if he happened to know his neighbors and he said that they had been friends for about the last 10 years. So we went to W's house and knocked. After a minute of waiting, the door opened and a woman we presumed to be W answered the door. We asked if she was W to which her mouth said "no" but her eyes said "yes". Her reaction totally gave this woman away. We told her we had just been talking to her neighbors and asked if she knew them. Again she said "no, I don't even know who they are." We told her that her neighbors were really excited about the Gilbert Temple open house and asked if she had seen the temple. She said she hadn't. Unbelievable! You can literally almost see the temple from her house! How could she think she could get away with saying that?! Anyways, we told her about it and invited her to go and for the first time she said the word "yes", which coming from her was probably a lie so she probably meant "no". As we were about to leave I asked nonchalantly, "so what was your name?" Taken off guard she stammered for a second trying to think of a name before sheepishly admitting, "W." She couldn't think of a false name quick enough :D That's when we should have pulled out 2nd Nephi 9:34. ;)

That's all for this week!

Love Elder Janis

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