Thursday, March 19, 2015

Repent and Listen to the Spirit

I was transferred. It was a huge surprise to me, my companion, and our ward!! In fact they transferred both Elder Belnap and myself. We were devastated to learn we were both leaving. I know it is God's will though. The families we've been working with that have recently joined the church or that are preparing for baptism are all actively attending church and are connected with the members so I don't think they will slip through the cracks. I am now serving in a YSA ward on ASU campus and I'm in a trio with Elder Wallentine (he transferred in with me and has 3 transfers left) and Elder Babcock who has been here for 2 transfers already and has 2 transfers to go before he finishes his mission. YSA work is so different! We have been so busy since transfers though that we have hardly even been able to spend time in our area. I've only met one investigator and one less active. Church was sweet though and I was able to connect with a bunch of members. This is the most impressive ward I've served in so far because it is so organized. The ward council works like a fine tuned machine. Everyone knows their responsibilities, accomplishes them, and reports back. Missionary work is discussed first and everything is focused on the individuals needs in the ward. The bishop speaks only a small part of the time and mostly when he speaks it is to thank people for their incredible effort or to make an assignment. I'm learning A LOT.

This Sunday we had the monthly Mission President's Devotional. My companions and I were responsible for putting the program together and we had a lot of things going on that we weren't able to call and ask converts to speak until Friday night. One of the ladies from my last area was preparing her first talk for sacrament so I figured I could give her a call and ask her to speak. She was so mad at me!!! (We have a good relationship so it was cool :)) But she said she would do it and she did phenomenal! Afterward she was really grateful for the opportunity but I still owe her so when I get back to Arizona after my mission I owe her and her son dinner :) Can't wait.

Sometimes we feel like heavenly father is far from us. We may experience the great blessing of feeling the spirits presence in our lives and then all of a sudden we feel like God has perhaps abandoned us or left us to figure out our problems on our own. I would invite you to consider that God does this to teach us that we CANNOT go through this life alone without his help. Without his spirit we can never experience deep happiness and peace. The spirit will come back as we repent and listen to the promptings of the spirit but we have to make the effort.

Love Elder Janis

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