Monday, September 9, 2013

Met a Celebrity

This was a sweet week! We had I**'s baptism, met a celebrity, had transfer calls, and met some really special people!

I**'s baptism was incredible. Here's his story: At the end of last transfer me and Elder Wilcox were riding our bikes through an apartment complex and we saw a young man walking from his car to his apartment. We biked over and had a short conversation with him in which he agreed to take a copy of the Book of Mormon and said we could come back another time. Elder Wilcox transferred out and then me and Elder Caldwell tried multiple times to make contact with I** with no luck. Finally we were able to catch him at home and we were able to sit down and have the first lesson. It turns out his best friend was mormon and he had a bunch of other friends who were mormon too. We set up another appointment to teach the 2nd lesson and coordinated with his friend to teach with us. In the second lesson he accepted an invitation to be baptized two weeks later. So now two weeks later he was baptized by his best friend. SO COOL.

Have any of you heard of the band "Yes"? They're famous for recording "owner of a lonely heart". Turns out the Bass player lives in our area and is married to a less active woman! How cool is that! He just came back home from a tour in England. Sick.

Transfer calls were last night and we were up till 12:30am waiting for any call from either our mission president or zone leaders. Nothing came so we went to bed. This morning we got a call from our President and I'm transferring out of the area (I have no idea where yet!) and second half training and Elder Caldwell is going to be TRAINING!!! He's a stud! He's so ready even though he's only been out 6 weeks. He's pretty nervous but he's confident. I'm pumped for him :)

I have a firm testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and we enjoy the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love Elder Janis

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