Friday, September 27, 2013

A Funny Lady's Golden Rule

I had such a good week! :) We were finally able to meet with our 1 investigator and we had a great visit. We had planned to teach the restoration and while we were visiting and getting to know G. and his wife, I felt prompted to bear my testimony of the restoration rather than teach it. My companion followed suit and so did the member we brought with us. G. has been taught for the last 3 or 4 years and our member said we made the most progress with him in our visit just sharing our testimonies. He opened up and shared personal things which he hasn't done with missionaries for a long time.

I met a funny lady this week who's golden rule is, "Do unto others before others do unto you." It was funny enough that I had to write it down :D

Stake conference was this weekend and during the Saturday night adult session me and my companion were sitting up near the front of the chapel. Our stake president got up and started speaking about missionary work. At one point he was talking about facebook and he turned to me and my companion and asked us how we were liking this new change. I answered, "It rocks!" and everyone laughed. I like it when I make people laugh :)

Last Saturday, me and my companion had a very open day between 1:00 and 5:00 to proselyte. We planned to use the time to contact as many part-member families as we could. At about 4:00 we stopped by the church building for a quick "pit stop". (We're drinking water all day and we don't sweat all of it out!). As we were walking into the church my companion saw his reflection in the door and realized he wasn't wearing a tie. We both hadn't realized he wasn't wearing his tie for the last 3 hours of proselyting!! We were able to call a member and borrow a tie. It was definitely our dunce of the week experience!!

I love you all a ton!!! I've got the family covered in my prayers so there's nothing to even worry about. Stay strong and stay faithful.

Love Elder Janis

Scorpions glow green under blacklights!

 I'm standing in front of my living quarters :)

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