Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gummy Bears at District Meeting

September 30, 2013

I love to laugh. I have laughed a lot this week. I find humor in lots of things most people might not find humor in. But that's okay because at least I benefit :) Last Tuesday in District Meeting we were training on how to teach more effectively on Facebook and I had brought a bag of gummy bears to throw to people that responded to questions and we got derailed for a minute cause I wanted to see who all could catch one in their mouth. In our district there are 5 companionship's: Elder Goates and myself, the Zone Leaders (Elder Stiles and Kloepfer), Elder Kauhi and Lavulavu (they live with us), and 2 sister companionships. All the elders caught a gummy bear in their mouth. Sisters turn: Sister Hudson nailed it. Sister Spendlove caught it in her hand then ate it. Still counts. Next was sister Madsen and she did NOT want to try! I didn't care though, this was a District unifying activity and NO ONE was going to leave without trying to catch a gummy bear in their mouth! I told her to open her mouth as wide as she could and lean her head back. I threw the gummy bear from across the room and, BOOM. Perfect shot. Sister Roth was last and she missed it. Wat. At least she tried :)

We met an AWESOME guy this last week! In our area there's a retirement community that's super nice and gated and there was a less-active member inside we needed to contact. The guy at the gate let us in because we were "with the church". Bad idea >:D Now all our sins inside the development would be upon his head! Anyways, while we were biking through we saw a guy doing yard work and asked if we could help him (we're not allowed to proselyte in the neighborhood but we are allowed to offer service). He said "no" but he continued talking to us until it got to the point where we were illegally proselyting. He was going through a pretty tough time in life and had had a pretty hard life up to that point. I wanted to share Heleman 5:12 with him so I pulled it out. Right as I opened my mouth to start reading, this guy drove up in a golf cart and identified himself as the owner of the development. Next thing he said was, "Get out right now or I'm calling 9-1-1. This is a no soliciting neighborhood." Elder Goates replied, "We're not selling anything". That made the guy even madder! "You guys need to get out right now" he said. To the rescue the guy we had been talking to stepped up and retorted back, "no they don't." They went back and forth for a minute and eventually we just said we'd leave so we hoped back on our bikes and left.

The work is starting to pick up! We came in to this area with just 1 investigator but we have a few more now and more on the horizon! I love this area and the members are SO cool! If you ever wonder where all the good people in the world have gone to, they're right here in Chandler Arizona and at any Janis/Scott house :)

I love you all. You're all wonderful. I feel strengthened by your prayers. You're all missed. Keep the faith. Share missionary experiences you have with me!

Love Elder Janis

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