Monday, October 21, 2013

I Ate Raw Eggs This Week At Our Zone Meeting

The best experience of the last two weeks was when we were inviting our 9 year old investigator to be baptized. He was a little stubborn and asked why he should choose to be baptized anyways? So I told him that he could be washed clean of all of his guilt to which he replied, "then YES!!!! It's like a dream come true!"

I ate raw eggs this week at our zone meeting. I had made a bet with one of the Elders we live with that we could get more investigators than him that day and it's a good thing he didn't accept because we got more :) Anyways, I thought it would be awesome to pump everyone up at our zone meeting by starting off with a raw egg challenge so I convinced him to do it with me and we both drank 2 raw eggs. It really wasn't that bad and if you've done it before you know that they don't really have a taste. But everyone got super pumped so it worked!

Yesterday at church me and Elder Goates had the opportunity to participate in the primary sharing and singing time! Waaaaayyyy too much fun for missionaries! We were each made a team captain and given a tie to be used to keep score of the games. If my team answered a question right and then sang the song well, we got to cut Elder Goates tie twice! I got way into it which was super fun but I probably went a little over board. The biggest mistake I made was giving a piece of chocolate I had been given for helping the primary to one of the kids in the front row. MAYHEM. I may have accidentally made enemies with all the primary teachers and leaders..... BAD MISTAKE.

I've been thinking recently about how experience truly is the best way for us to learn and grow. And that's what this life is all about. This life is an experience we couldn't have as spirit children that will transform us (if we allow it to) into true heirs of the kingdom of God. We will progress to become what we never would have been able to without this experience.

I have such a strong belief in this church and its truthfulness. I am so thankful for that testimony. It gets me through the hardest times. I absolutely know that anyone is able to receive a witness of the truth of the gospel if they truly want it. It takes faith, sacrifice, and obedience. The blessings are happiness, confidence, and purpose. The purpose of our life becomes clear as we draw closer to God.

With all my love,

Elder Janis

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