Thursday, November 20, 2014

He Hasn't Frozen Their Brains With Popsicles Yet

November 3, 2014 Letter

I had a super week!! Jennifer and her son Johnathan were baptized!! A whole ton of people came and she brought a ton of non member friends which was sweet! We will hopefully start teaching them soon! :) Well... I will.. We had transfer calls last night and Elder Jolley is leaving already! He was only here with me for 1 transfer!!! We're both trying to figure out how we can convince President Toone to keep us together just once more.. Maybe we'll walk into his office wearing a sackcloth and smeared in ashes. Stay tuned.

Halloween night was really fun!! We had an early curfew and had permission to play board games and just hang out so we played clue, drank root beer, and made up raps. It was fun to unwind a little bit. It's easy to get build a lot of stress!! We saw our good man Charles, chuck, papa, southern baptist human killer earlier in the day and his house was all decorated for Halloween. When he answered the door he was in very poor spirits and told us it was a bad time to talk. I wanted to talk a little longer and lift him up a bit so I complimented him on the Halloween decorations but said that the scariest part were his little dogs that were yapping at us in the window. (He hasn't frozen their brains with popsicles yet). He started laughing super hard until his wife pulled into the drive way. Instantly his demeanor switched from jovial laughter to somber dread. In a quiet voice he said, "She's the scariest part. I gotta get goin' fella's." I squeezed his shoulder to bolster him up and we left.

The work continues!!! Onward and upward. The work is true!! It changes lives. We just have to have an open heart and open mind. God can perform miracles. 

Love Elder Janis

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