Wednesday, August 7, 2013


August 5, 2013

So here's a bold statement to catch everyone attention! Last night one of our bishops almost got to ride to jail in a police car!! Here's the story:

We were invited by a member to help him teach the mission prep class for the stake last night and while we were there we got a text from our bishop. He wanted to know where we were so he could swing by our apartment and drop something off. He asked which apartment we lived in to which we gave him our # which recently changed from 1104 to 1115 last transfer. I guess he didn't know that. He texted back saying, "not 1104?" After repeating 1115 we got a text from him saying that the people at 1104 didn't appreciate a strange man breaking onto their porch to "take back his cookie sheet pan, spatula, and $20 that he had previously put on their porch for the missionaries." They threatened to call the cops on him and he quickly got in his car and drove off as they took his license plate #.

So many great things have happened this week. Half a week into the transfer I have seen the hand of the Lord bless myself in a way so tender I can't find words to express how I feel. I will be the first to say I am not the most talented missionary in the world and my confidence in leading the area I'm in is very daunting. I testify that I have a new understanding of the enabling power of the atonement now because of the undeniable fact that my skills as a missionary have been magnified to fill the responsibilities the Lord has put me in. I am nothing without God.
I have learned a lot about accountability this week specifically to myself. All of us are accountable to so many people. I would suggest writing a list of all the people you are accountable to for how you are living your life. Examples include your parents, children, husband, wife, God, bosses, God, and yourself. Think of how you are accountable to yourself. How does who you were and the hopes and dreams you had for yourself before coming to earth affect your accountability to self?

To all: Joseph smith SAW God, the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!! This is INCREDIBLE NEWS! Christ's church and authority is on the earth!!!!!!!!!! Nothing can keep us from being successful in life except our own choices. Stay strong. Be true to who you are and were. Put your faith in Christ and put everything on the table. Give him your will. If you do, you will overcome every challenge man can face. God is real and LOVES YOU. He wants what is best for you. Look for the good things in life. Smile. Stay positive. Why not be happy?

I love you Mom. You're the worlds greatest :) This week was a special one.

Love Elder Janis

(pics: Me and Elder Caldwell. HE ROCKS. He is super powerful and knows why he's here. WE WORK HARD)

2nd pic: me at church with the funniest man in the world. We're both wearing red ties.

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