Friday, June 13, 2014

He Flexed His Arms Like an MMA Champion

"Ben" was baptized this week!!! It was one of the best baptisms I've ever been to! Right after coming out of the water, he turned and looked at everyone observing and let out a yell and flexed his arms like an MMA champion achieving the victory! Everyone laughed and I believe the Holy Ghost waited a little bit longer to descend upon him then he did when Jesus was baptized by John and immediately descended. :) The next day in church was his confirmation which he had asked me to perform. We were running late while waiting for a few of our investigators we were giving a ride to and as soon as we walked in the building, the congregation turned to the foyer we were walking in from and everyone was pointing so I knew it was game time. We walked into the chapel and right up to the front where "Ben" was already seated and everyone invited to participate were standing around him. We confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and bestowed the Gift of the Holy Ghost and a Priesthood blessing. After the confirmation our Bishop told us we had walked in just when Ben had sat down so it was perfect timing!

Earlier this week Elder Hyer and I had the amazing opportunity to go on an exchange into Ajo Arizona which is located very close to the Mexican border and is about as small town as it gets! Since it is so far out we both went to do missionary work in Ajo with the tri-companionship that is serving there rather than one of us going there and the other coming back into our area. It was so different from anything I've seen so far on my mission! There is a huge drug problem in Ajo and just about everyone is addicted. The people are so humble though. No one has very much but everyone is willing to share what they have. I loved the experience and it was a highlight for me. While in Ajo we saw what the locals call a "Javelina" which is a rodent that looks like a boar. Think of the rodent in the movie "Princess Bride" and that's about it. It was sweet!

This was the best week ever! I can't wait for this coming one! We are preparing Dameyon's wife for baptism this weekend and she is super excited! So are we!

Love Elder Janis

Picture: K and A's baptism which was a week ago. Their mom is standing in the middle. We're working on helping her get ready for baptism.


  1. Our son just got his mission call to the Tempe, AZ mission. He received it Friday, June 13, and will be entering the MTC on July 30...quick! We have been doing some investigating about the area. Looks like a great place to be! We are so pleased and excited for his decision to serve the Lord! By the way, noticed ya'll homeschool, so did we :)

    1. That is great! Yes, we homeschooled and it was a grand adventure! My son LOVES his mission!! The Tempe mission is really a fabulous mission! The members are so strong and supportive and there are people ready to hear the gospel! And the mission president is wonderful!