Sunday, December 21, 2014

A LOT of groovy things

Sent on Dec 8, 2014

This past week we challenged our zone to go tracting!! It was so much fun and we saw a lot of success from it! As we tracted this week we found some awesome potential investigators. One of them is named Juan and he's trying to get a job so he can get his children back from CPS. Well later that day we got a call from him telling us that he got the job! We were so happy for him we went back and celebrated with him! This coming Friday is our wards Christmas party so hopefully Juan and the family he's living with will come out! As we tract we are using an approach with the "He is the Gift" initiative in mind. One of us has the little pass along card to give to the person and the other missionary holds the ipad with the video already up and ready to go. When people open the door and we start talking, we then just push the play button. When the video is already going people don't say no. They are immediately interested. It works like a charm :) The most common response we've heard from people about the video is, "It's true." Then we ask them who they know who could use a message about Christ this Christmas season and when we can come back to share more of our message.

We also had zone conference this week. The theme of the conference was two fold: 1 Am I consecrated to my purpose? 2 Live up to the covenants we've made in the Temple. Before the conference started President Toone had all the missionaries who were finishing their missions in the next month to bear a departing testimony. I am pretty close with a lot of the missionaries who stood up and it was such a surreal experience to be witnessing their departing testimony. Elder Stiles who was my zone leader for 6 transfers bore his testimony and so did one of my previous companions Elder Hyer. That experience will last with me as one of the most memorable experiences of my mission.

So we visited with our former Army Ranger southern baptist man again this last week and he shared some more insights! Ready for this?

"The first time I jumped out of a plane in the Army Rangers my butt was so tight you couldn't drive a pin through it with a sledge hammer!"
"A man is a leader of his flock. His family. That man has got to be dedicated to God, which gives him a lot of man points."
"A man is like waffles. He only goes two directions. A woman is like spaghetti. She goes all sorts of different directions. As a man it is our duty to be bad a** but you also have to be the kind of man that understands the woman's side. Not the alternative lifestyle guy, but the kind of guy that can understand a woman nonetheless."
"I love Jesus Christ. He's done a lot of groovy things for me. A LOT of groovy things."

What a guy.. He's awesome.

The work continues to move forward! I'm sprinting through the last few months of my mission! I'm loving it!

Love Elder Janis

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