Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Miguel stinks..."

This week flew by as fast as the year went by! We had our Mission Christmas conference on Monday and MLC on Tuesday, New years Eve on Wednesday and Christmas on Thursday. We were still able to have some solid lessons during the end of the week and the lady who came to church last week is now preparing for baptism on January 10th and was there again on Sunday. Another guy we've been working with was supposed to come to church two weeks ago but didn't have church clothes and felt uncomfortable. So last week we brought him church clothes but he bailed just before church started because this time he felt uncomfortable going to church with the gnarly beard he's been sporting. We were wondering what his excuse would be this week but he actually came! He tried to leave before sunday school because he felt like he smelled pretty bad and needed to go home and put on some deodorant. I convinced him to stick around for class and my companion Elder Belnap sat next to him. After the opening prayer he wrote a note to me on his Ipad that said, "Miguel stinks, he really should go home and put on deodorant." We let him go after class got out :)

Take advantage of this time of year to reflect on where you're at and what progress you've made this past year. President Monson gave a talk in this last conference entitled "Ponder the Path of thy Feet." I would encourage you to do just that.

Love Elder Janis

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