Monday, June 24, 2013

My Breaker is Elder Wilcox

I didn't see Mason OR Wendell in the broadcast!! Dang! But wasn't it inspiring?!?!?!?!  I'm so glad you went! I hope every member in the world will see it! You know how it talks about the Lord's vineyard in Jacob 5? Near the end the Lord calls his servant (the prophet) to gather all the other servants and work in the vineyard one last time. That happened yesterday! I don't have the reference but I think it would be very worthwhile for the family to read Jacob 5 and see how the Lord has fulfilled his prophecies. I love the work we do. And I love the people we help. I meet so many amazing people.

I love your idea for the ward activity!!! You should bring it up and get people excited!

Thank you for the scriptures on missionary work! I just read through that a week or two ago during my personal study! The Book of Mormon is so relevant.

So random news!!!! I actually ended up getting transferred! Sunday night we were told we were staying but Tuesday night at 9:15, our AP's called us and told us that we were whitewashing out of the area and to pack our bags. This is because Elder Carter's knees had tendinitis and needed a car so to fulfill that the mission president sent him out to the new Scottsdale mission in Show low! Lucky duck!

I got sent to Chandler AZ and got a new companion, Elder Wilcox! His companion had arthritis and tendinitis in his knees and needed a car so he got paired up with Elder Carter! Elder Wilcox has been in this area covering these 3 wards (Pleasant 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) for 5 transfers now and has had a new companion every single transfer! Another crazy thing about it is that he's been the 2nd companion for each of the past 4 missionaries. We call our second companion in the mission field our breaker so my breaker is Elder Wilcox. I guess this area has been dead for awhile. BUT he and his last companion Elder Anderson scheduled a baptism with AJ for this past Saturday which I was able to be at (instead of elder anderson which I feel so bad for cause it was going to be his first!) and added to that me and elder wilcox have pumped each other up with mega faith and enthusiasm and already the work is picking up! We have 2 new investigators that we gave their fist copy of the Book of Mormon too and they're VERY interested and I see the spirit working very closely with them. We met M while he was on his nightly walk, bore testimony of living prophets and set up a follow up visit. So we taught him and his wife D the Restoration and they're investigating now :):):) Also we will be going by a man named J tonight to teach the Plan of Salvation. J's brother just died and his life is pretty sad now and he really wants to meet with us. Pray for J!

I'm learning a ton about having faith. Also I'm learning a ton about patience. I know that the Lord wants me to learn these lessons so that's why he sent me to this area. So far the Lord has heard and answered my prayers VERY specifically at exactly the times I needed them answered. I won't get too specific until it all unfolds but I know the Lord is very involved in His work.

The Book of Mormon is true. Charity is the embodiment of missionary work. We have a living prophet. Christ leads our church. These things I'm sure of.

Elder Janis

This is my new companion Elder Wilcox, AJ, his son A, his wife, and daughter J. They are so awesome! His conversion story is so cool! His wife was less active forever but recently started having dreams that it was time to become active again and that she should introduce the church to AJ and AJ was having the same dreams. The Lord is preparing people!!!

This was my last zone! They were all so cool! Funny thing is that me and Elder Wilcox are standing next to each other before we knew we were about to be companions!

P.S (Chandler is still in the Tempe mission so that's where I'll stay :))

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