Tuesday, September 2, 2014

He Pulled His Cell Phone Out and Started Recording Me!

The area I'm serving in right now actually has the most poverty I've seen on my mission. We have absolute ghetto dumpy apartments and rural areas that are dirty and gross. It makes me appreciate so much good ole Katy Texas!!! ;) Cinco Ranch is so nice!!! Earlier this week we were biking through one of the dumpiest areas and there was a lady changing her clothes in the middle of the parking lot completely unconcerned that it was a public place. In case you were wondering, we did not street contact her :D

What a strange week this has been! Since I wrote on Wednesday some amazing things have happened. On Thursday we had a zone conference with half the mission to be trained by Elder Gregory L. Schwitzer of the second quorum of the 70. His training was amazing and I received a lot of inspiration on how to bear testimony and how important it is to facilitate friendships between our members and investigators. BUT the most powerful talk during the whole conference was the 10 minutes our mission presidents wife, Sister Toone, took to talk about who we should be becoming as missionaries. It goes right along with what Elder Robbins said last week. Sister Toone shared the story of how one of her boys was very proud in high school and took the gospel for granted. When he left on his mission she prayed every day that he would be humbled and appreciate the blessing that the gospel is. In his letters he wrote of how difficult every single one of his companions was. He was convinced that by the end of his mission he had served with the most difficult missionaries in the whole mission. When he returned home he had completely changed and is so Christ-like that Sister Toone sometimes can't believe that he is her son because he is such a good man. She was more emotional than any of us have seen her and of course it made me think of Mom and her hopes for me. I wish I could listen to her prayers for me sometimes  just so I can know what things she hopes that I learn from my mission. I hope that I am becoming everything she wants me to be and that I don't lose a second.

On Friday this week our Mission President called us up and asked if we would take an Elder with us at least until Tuesday who is in the process of finding out if he will be leaving the mission or staying due to disobedience. It has been an interesting few days with him. At this point he's working hard and is trying to stay but it isn't genuine. If there is any way he can stay President Toone will keep him here. We'll see if he's still with us by next week!

As I was street contacting two guys a few nights ago, one of them pulled his cell phone out and started recording me! I was sort of like, "what the heck guy!" and he explained that for the past few months, he has recorded 2 seconds of memorable experiences from each day and then at the end of the year he will combine it all together and play it all together. I'm glad I made the video and I also like the idea! Kind of a cool way to keep a journal of sorts!

I love the gospel so very much as I experience it changing my nature to be a more pleasant person to be around :) Especially at night when I'm tired and get grouchy. I love the Book of Mormon which brings the much needed peace I seek for on a daily basis.

I love you all!!

Love ElderJanis

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