Monday, September 1, 2014

Nothing Will Slow Us Down

Written on 9/27/2014

This week was just as good as last week if not better!!! The highlight was getting a special invitation to an MLC with our mission and Gilbert mission to be trained by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the presidency of the 70. Since I stepped down to a District Leader I don't go to the Mission Leadership Councils but President Toone invited me and Elder Diaz (I lived with him in my second area!! We are living together again and are having so much fun!) who is a former Zone Leader on a special assignment as well. 

The training by Elder Robbins changed my perspective a lot on why i'm out here. His topic that he trained us on for 3 hours was taking responsibility. We started off by talking about all the reasons people use to avoid responsibility (see if you have used one before :)): self-denial, excuse, hide, anger, blame, procrastination, entitlement... The list goes on. He made the point that because we have 100% of our agency, we have 100% responsibility for how we use it. Anytime we resort to that list we will hurt ourselves. People who can't forgive EVEN IF THEY ARE RIGHT will be hurt in the end. Of course, we don't have control over other peoples actions BUT we have control over how we react to their actions. Elder Bednar says, "sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all." I love that quote. So everyone out there who isn't taking responsibility for your life, I would invite you to repent and take control of your life.

There is a story that illustrates this point. There was a newly wed couple who got into a petty argument about something they later couldn't even remember. It got to the point where the husband and wife were giving each other the silent treatment. The wife who wrote the story says that she remembers thinking "It's his fault and he should say sorry first." Near the end of the day she got on her knees to pray that her husband would humble himself and see how wrong he was and apologize to her. She heard a voice in her mind say, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?" She then went to her husband and apologized and they made things right.

Elder Glencoe and I received a ton of referrals this last week and we're having great success contacting them! We have a lot of really good work going and nothing will slow us down!

I'll write again next monday and I'll have a story or two from the week to share!! I love you all!

Love Elder Janis

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