Monday, September 29, 2014

She Had a Scraggly Beard Growing

September 15, 2014

I had a wonderful week! The work we have in this ward practically doubled this week from solid referrals we received from the members, including our bishop. It's so nice to have a teaching pool with multiple solid investigators who want to progress! I have had the feeling that the members in this ward haven't had a whole lot of trust in the full time elders and so we've been working hard to change that by offering to give talks in sacrament, bearing our testimonies last fast sunday, and bringing members out on splits to awesome teaching appointments. It has taken the last 5 weeks but this last sunday was very rewarding as multiple members were making comments about the good job we're doing. We had a very detailed progress record for our ward council too which is something the missionaries haven't brought to ward council in months, maybe even years. A councilor in the bishopric commented that they know more about the investigators we're teaching now than they ever have in the history of this ward. It's paying off and we had a lot of investigators come to church.

So one of the individuals we're teaching is this inactive guy name Joseph but he looks like Steve Nash to me and so that's what the picture on Facebook was about :) he was supposed to come to church but didn't make it. He's a cool guy though and his job is to bake cookies at paradise bakery! That place is so good! He also is overly addicted to Pokemon.. There are some crazy people in Tempe.. Speaking of crazy people, get this! Right after our first visit with Joseph we were on our bikes waiting at the light so we could go and this older guy in a truck rolled his window down and started yelling at us. It's not super uncommon that this happens but this guy was really emphatic! He yelled at us to stay where we were because he wanted to talk to us. Bracing ourselves for hell fire and damnation we patiently waited for him to park his truck and storm over to us. As he approached us he said, "I've been a member of your church twice and I've got a few things I want to tell you." We
waited for him to continue and he said, "I need you missionaries to pray for me. I'm out of work, out of money, and I've got bills to pay! I need you to pray that I get a job RIGHT NOW. I don't have time to wait. I need it NOW! Second thing, I always have something to give to the missionaries when I see them. But I don't have anything for you so I'm sorry." I was so confused! Of course we agreed to pray for him and we did it right there on the street corner! Right then his wife came up and as we got acquainted we learned that back in the day she had been a pro wrestler. I believed her because she had a scraggly beard growing!! It was all so weird! Anyways, we told them we needed them at church and hey! They came!

We are working hard and staying very busy! Also the weather is getting close to cooling off which will be nice since our area is strictly a bike area!

A motivating thought I've had this week is this, "Discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons." Regret is the price we pay when we don't pay the price of disciplining ourselves. I love that quote!

Love Elder Janis

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